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The War That was waged in Vietnam is not, and shall not, ever be forgotten. Hear some thoughts of those who have been there. Thank Them for your freedom, instead of spitting on them. Remember all our service personnel past and present for the sacrifices we make everyday. Always remember those who gave their lives for their Country!

Bruce, my personal thanks to you for sharing your thoughts and Reflections with us all....

The week before last, we had the 1/2 scale exact replica of the Vietnam Memorial in the area for a few days. The "Wall That Heals" as it is called, travels across the nation to speak, not only of the loss, but of the lives of the 58,200 odd men and women inscribed. I met a lady there. We both approached the wall with apprehension, read, or I think a feeling of not knowing what to expect after 25 odd years of trying to forget. I looked at a number of names, touched them, and said hello to friends that in turn, touched back through that black surface after all these years and told me there was no need to be sorry. As I was leaving, and trying hard to maintain the hard, cold, macho image that all of us are supposed to show, I noticed that the lady had stayed in front of one of the panels for the entire time I was there. She looked up from the panel and ask if I would walk with her back to the parking lot. As we walked, we talked a bit of the memories of those names we saw. We sat at a bench and cried, me for crew, friends, buddies, she for a husband that she was with for 3 days before he shipped out. A lot of hurt fell on the ground that day, not all of it, because it will never leave till we die, but much of the bitterness is now gone.

Lady, REFLECTIONS is dedicated to you.


You look quite handsome today, In your dress uniform, your brass gleaming in the sun. I admire the devilish merriment that is always present in your eyes, with a hint of the fire and passion in your soul. Your lips are curled as always in an impish grin, just seconds from laughter. Your shoulders are broad....broad enough to rest my head and my heart And that same lock of hair is again curling onto your forehead. I reach out to touch your face, anticipating the warmth of your kiss and the strength of your embrace; to put my fingers through your hair, I reach out.............But my fingers touch only cold smooth glass, a hard wooden frame, and letters -
etched in warm black stone.

And Some other Poems.....


by Roqer Heard, USMC '66-'70

Upon this honored wall of stone
You're together again and not alone
Together you laughed, together you cried
Together you fought, together you died
Together you stand in history
Upon this wall for all to see
Each name evokes a young man's face
A warrior that stood to take his place
To fight and die for liberty
So others could live a life that's free
If there's a place where Heroes stand
Surely you've gone to join their band
You've left the horrors of war behind
To cross death's bridge and hopefully find
The peace denied you in this life
Of endless wars and constant strife
Together you walk with head held high
No storm clouds gather to darken your sky
The Black Man, Red Man, Brown, and White
Will walk as one, no more to fight
You're not forgotten and will never be
This stone bears witness for all to see
Each one of you made the sacrifice
And paid with life, the ultimate price
Each one who died left a few of us here
To show the world with a fallen tear
We'll never forget and will always stand true
To the memory of each one of you
As long as there's life within my breast
I'll take my place and stand with the rest
And when it's my time to leave this land
I hope you'll welcome me to your Heroes' band.


by Dee Kosier

Hello, my brother.
You're having another bad day....
You don't have to say anything-
I can tell by the grim lines around your mouth and the thousand yard
stare in your eyes that is only momentarily replaced by fleeting
seconds of terror. Your hands are trembling
I know what demons you are fleeing, what awful horrors you are reliving
.....over and over again.....
Although I was not there, and retelling is not the same, you have shared
your terrors with me...
I know what you dream for I dream your dreams.
Your nightmares have become my own.
I don't fear the horrors of the dreams...
my terror comes from being so inadequate to quell your pain.
I don't know the words to take away what you are feeling
I can find no special balm to ease the raw pain of your emotions.
Although my dreams start as yours, they always end as my own...
As I try to put my arms around you and your brothers and sisters
to comfort and shelter you and ease your pain...
but there are too many of you and my embrace cannot hold you all
And my terror lies in failing you
And in my dreams I see the faces of those who could bear it no longer...
my friends I was helpless to help...
Jon, who used a shotgun to end his pain..
Derek, living forever lost in the nebulous world of the committed insane
Frank... dying of liver failure from his escape into a bottle.
But we must remember, my brother.. that this is now.
We are both hurting and must try to help each other.
That war is over... forgotten, never, but over nonetheless.
Things that happened then are of the past.
Done. Completed. A far cry from the Sunday School lessons of our youth-
but necessary all the same.
And NOTHING, NOTHING you could tell me of things that happened then
Will change my feelings for you now.
I accept you as you accept me... imperfect beings trying to do the right
thing in a world where right and wrong are inextricably twisted
together.I am here now.
Sit here beside me.
Take my hand, my comfort, my acceptance, my respect, my love.
You are home, brother, and you are safe.