Military Trivia Challenge

Just when you thought you knew it all...comes the Military Web Military Trivia Challenge...this page is a compilation of Military Trivia from Way back, to even present times...this page will be updated at least once a week, so check back here to fry your brain!!!

Follow the Hyperlink at the bottom of the page for the answer's to the questions....Don't cheat, think about it first! So, Grab your pen and paper! Hopefully you find this page fun - and educational at the same time. Enjoy!

And of Course...Good Luck!


1. Name the 5 (five) D- Day Beaches

2. Who were the original Stosstruppen or 'Storm Troopers' of the World War I?

3. Which US Marine faced prosecution for the Iran-Contra Scandal?

4. What was the worlds first nuclear powered aircraft carrier?

5. What was Executive Order 9066?

6. What is a HUMVEE?

7. Who was NATO's first Supreme Allied Commander, Europe?

8. Which US Army Officer was Court Martialled for the My Lai massacre?

9. Name the US General killed by his own Bombers in Normandy in July 1944.

10. What was the name of the most successful unofficial American Soldiers Newspaper in the Vietnam War?

Go Get the Answers!!

This Page is Like Mission Impossible!

I can't take this! Let me see more of Military Web!

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